Find Out Who is the Best Skyrim Wife to Marry – You’ll Be Surprised!

Skyrim is a land filled with adventure, mystery, and magic. Getting married and settling down with a virtual spouse is one of the features that many people enjoy most about it.

Which Skyrim wife is the best?

Throughout the years, fans have debated this question. Best wives can be defined in many ways, and there are many candidates for the title.

To determine who deserves the title of best wife in Skyrim, we will take a look at some of the top contenders. But, before that let’s take a look at a few benefits of getting married in Skyrim

Benefits of getting married in Skyrim

You can gain many benefits from getting married in Skyrim. Companionship isn’t the only benefit; unique items and abilities can also be accessed through it. Getting married in Skyrim offers two main benefits: companionship and access to unique items and abilities.


You can find companionship in Skyrim by getting married. In Skyrim, marriage is a commitment between two characters, which allows them to live together as a couple. If you’re looking for a sense of connection and support in the game, this companionship can be helpful for you.

Furthermore, married characters have the ability to share their resources, such as gold and items, which can be very helpful for players who are trying to build up the wealth of their character.

Access to Unique Items and Abilities

Skyrim also offers unique items and abilities when you get married. A married character has access to special items only available to married characters. Players can use these items to progress in the game, such as special weapons and armor.

A spouse can also assist a married character in battle, which can be a powerful ability. If you want to gain an edge in combat, this can be especially useful.

Other benefits are:

  • You will earn 100 gold or more a day from your spouse’s store.
  • You will receive one home-cooked meal per day from your spouse. The health, stamina, and magicka regeneration of this food item are boosted by 25% for 600 seconds.
  • In the event that your spouse owns a home, you can choose to move in with them or to have them move in with you. If you don’t own a house, you might want to move in with your spouse.
  • Your spouse can still sell you merchandise if they were originally a merchant.
  • In-game skills improve 15% faster for eight hours when you sleep near your spouse. However, it won’t work if you’re a werewolf or have the Lover Stone active.

Best Skyrim Wife

Aela the Huntress

Aela the Huntress is a Nord werewolf, and a member of The Companions. It is no surprise that Aela is one of the most popular wives in Skyrim. She is one of the five members of The Circle. In “The Circle”, Aela offers lycanthropy to other companions.

She is an expert level archery trainer, a bride-to-be, and a follower after The Companions’ main questline. In addition to being an outstanding follower, she is also a beautiful girl to marry.

However, where can I find Aela the Huntress?

It is most common to find her inside Jorrvaskr with her companions or defeating a giant outside Whiterun. In addition to her gorgeous looks, she has a fearless and strong attitude that makes players fall in love with her instantly after their first encounter.


Many years have passed since the release of Skyrim, the iconic RPG game. In the game, you can meet a wide variety of characters, including a variety of spouses. It is Muiri who is most popular among partners. What do you think about Muiri as a Skyrim wife?

Muiri is an apothecary from Breton. She was best friends with Nilsine Shatter-Shield when she was growing up in Windhelm.

Muiri met and began a relationship with Alain Dufont after Nilsine’s sister Friga Shatter-Shield was killed by the Butcher of Windhelm. Nevertheless, he was only using her to gain access to the Shatter-Shield Clan and steal their valuables, including Aegisbane, the family heirloom.

She wears a set of farm clothes, including boots. The key to Hag’s Cure is in her possession, along with an iron dagger. Her possessions also include some common loot and some gold. Bothela trained Muiri, so she knows all of her spells.

You may want to consider Muiri as a marriage candidate if you are an alchemist looking for a female spouse, since she is the only female marriageable dedicated alchemist.

Uthgerd the Unbroken

Located in the Bannered Mare tavern in the city of Whiterun, Uthgerd the Unbroken is a Nord warrior and can be found in “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.”

This Nord warrior is known for her combat skills and willingness to take on any challenge, earning her the nickname “Unbroken.” The player can recruit her as a follower in the game and she will join them on their adventures.

Before Skyrim’s events, Uthgerd attempted to join the Companions, but accidentally killed the boy she was set against. As a result, the Companions refused to let Uthgerd join them.

As a result of the Companions incident, Uthgerd developed a drinking habit, making her always accessible in The Bannered Mare.

The Dragonborn can marry Uthgerd if an Amulet of Mara is equipped. She can simultaneously be a follower and a spouse.

If she returns to wearing her default armor after the wedding ceremony, wait a day or two. She will begin wearing the upgraded armor, and you can buy the steel plate armor from her.

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